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Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry

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The best Concealed Carry class in Denver is not in Denver.


Why You Should Sign-Up Today:

If you are looking for a class that will introduce you to the basics of legal concealed carry then this is the course for you! This class exceeds all minimum requirements to apply for a concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit in Colorado. The class is taught by Charlie Redmond and Brian Bentley, a certified USCCA Firearms Instructor, certified NRA Firearms Instructor, certified NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO), and former Veteran with years of experience.

Topics Covered in this Course:

Situational Awareness, Legal Justification of Deadly Force, Legal Ramifications of Using Deadly Force, Best Concealed Carry Practices, and Basic Handgun Handling Skills (malfunctions, sighting, etc.)

Student Requirements:

Colorado Firearms Academy students must abide by all applicable state and federal laws at all times before, during, and after their courses. 

Equipment Requirements:

  • Pistol with at least 2 magazines (Rentals Available at CFA)

  • Holster that covers the trigger guard (Outside the waist band or Inside the waist ban)

  • A belt to support the holster

  • 100 rounds of ammunition (no hand-loads)

  • Brimmed hat.

  • Shooting glasses with Z87+ or MilSpec APEL rating (rentals available at CFA).

  • Electronic hearing protection (rentals available at CFA).

  • Sunscreen

  • Notebook & Pen/Pencil

  • Water

  • Lunch

  • And the most important piece, come with a good attitude to have some fun


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  • Legal Statement of Eligibility

    By continuing this purchase, I swear and affirm that I have

    • no criminal convictions,
    • am not currently under indictment or prosecution for any offense,
    • am not wanted for questioning or arrest by any law enforcement or government agency.
    • I affirm that I am not cuurntly under under force of any type of restraining order. 
    • I further state that I have no history of mental illness or substance abuse.

    I understand that my training may be terminated at any time during the course if my actions are not deemed appropriate by Colorado Firearms Academy staff. Upon arriving at the course, I agree to sign a document releasing Colorado Firearms Academy LLC. from any liability that may occur during the course of training or thereafter. 

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