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Wapiti Arms - Parker CO

Wapiti Arms is an independently owned FFL (Federal Firearm Licensed) dealer.  We specialize in custom ordered firearms, as well as custom-built ARs.  We also provide minor gunsmithing services.  With our years of experience in many facets of the shooting world, we would love to work with you to find the perfect firearm to fit your needs.


Avalon Personal Defense - Broomfield CO

Avalon is for people who have rarely or never touched a gun and includes both classroom and range time. We will provide everything you need, including use of a gun, ammunition, targets, and ear/eye protection (or if you own a gun you’d like to learn to use, we can instruct you how to use it, including all the safety features).


Kind Sniper - McLean, VA

Kind Sniper’s outreach is nationwide. As such, we prefer to operate online. We treat selection of our boutique inventory as a personal collection/arsenal. We only acquire from our suppliers and offer to our customers those firearms that we think highly enough of to be part of that collection; we don’t subscribe to the common “buy as much stuff as possible / sell as much stuff as possible” formula. To us, it’s more than “stuff”. We offer fewer selections but those that we do offer have passed the scrutiny of our taste and judgement. To our knowledge, there is no other retailer offering a similar approach. Our approach is quite unique, and by buying from us, our customers reward it. Colorado Firearms Academy customers enjoy a 5% discount. Use discount code "CFA-KS-21!” at checkout. 


Laser Strike - Ogden, UT

Most dry fire training targets available are very expensive,  cumbersome to set up, and provide unnecessary bells and whistles to justify their high price. Our Patent Pending target provides the optimal benefits of current targets at a fraction of the cost.  This allows you to have more targets to create real-world training scenarios in the comfort of your home. Our targets work with all dry fire training laser cartridges (sold separately). *** NO BATTERIES EVER ***

$10 for Colorado Firearms Academy customers. 

Target Pack:  CFA001-$10.00 discount

Trainer Pack: CFA002-$10.00 discount

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