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What to Know About Choosing the Best Hunting Gun

Guest Blog by Jay Chambers

When you see pictures of proud hunters holding their rifles, it’s tempting to imagine

yourself in the same posture. You can almost feel the adrenaline rushing through your

body as you’re about to pull the trigger, the anxiety about whether you’ll miss or not,

and the satisfaction you feel at the end when your hunt was a success. However, all of

this is not possible unless you own the best rifle for hunting.

As you can imagine, more and more rifle models have surfaced as time went by. A whole

selection is waiting for every new hunter to make his or her choice. While having so

many options is great, it certainly doesn’t make it easier to pick the right gun.

Multiple things go into choosing the best hunting gun, and you need to be prepared

when you’re making the choice. It’s not easy, but if you spend some time thinking about

all the features, everything will be simpler. That being said, here are a few things that

you have to know about choosing the best hunting gun.

Research Is Important

Whether you already have a rifle model in mind or not, you have to do some research

before you grab your card and pay for a new gun. Guns are amazing, but they are still

dangerous if they’re not handled properly. Also, they might not have the best

performance unless they were manufactured the right way.

So, you should do plenty of research. This means that you should go online and read as

much as possible about certain hunting gun models and look up some reviews, as well.

It’s best to do that on online forums or go to the manufacturer’s site instead.

Other than that, you can also ask friends who are hunters themselves or consult a

gunsmith about hunting rifle options. The more informed you are, the easier it will be to

make the right choice when choosing a hunting gun.

Short-Range vs Long-Range

Also, you have to consider whether you want to hunt at short-range or long-range and

choose your rifle accordingly. Since rifles are built differently, you should pick

depending on your shooting style. Just like there are different types of gear for bows and

other hunting tools, there are also different kinds of rifles for hunting.

Long-range shooting involves shooting at a distance that is long enough to make the

shooter calculate ballistic factors. It’s something that requires more effort, accuracy, and

enough power to be able to hit a target that is far away from you. You need to have

enough knowledge and skill for this type of hunting. The right gun will also help with

that, which is why you should consider this aspect when making your choice.

Think very well about where you’re going to hunt, and what you’re going to hunt. It will

give you an idea of whether you need short-range or long-range rifles. The right one will

help you adapt your shooting technique while increasing your chances of success when


You Should Choose the Right Rifle Cartridge

Another thing that you should know when choosing the best gun for hunting is the fact

that you should select the right rifle cartridge. There are a lot of different sizes for bullets

and picking the right measurements will contribute to the success, or otherwise failure

of your shooting adventures.

One thing to keep in mind in this regard is the placement. This matters a lot when you

want to kill an animal because if the shot has high power yet it’s poorly placed, it will

injure the animal and make it suffer. If you want to kill an animal ethically, then you

need to make sure the placement is proper.

Is the bullet able to go into the vitals of the animal? If the answer is yes, then it’s a good


On top of that, you should also consider the wound channel, respectively how much

damage the bullet does when passing through the body cavity of the animal. If the bullet

is larger, the wound channel will be larger as well. Also, it won’t make a clean hole in the

body cavity, but rather a very expanded and ragged one.

Small Game or Large Game

It’s also crucial to think whether you’re planning to hunt small game or large game. It

may be easier to find hunting rifles when you are hunting small game. When it comes to

large game, though, some rifles may not be found in your typical hunting collection. This

means that you’ll have to spend more time looking for the right weapon. There are

options, so don’t hesitate to ask someone with knowledge and experience.

You Have to Pick the Right Action

Rifles have different actions, and if you want a successful hunting day, then your gun

should come with the right type of action. The action is the one that helps kick out the

fired cartridges, and then load new ones into the chamber.

Hunting rifles tend to come with repeat shots or single shots. You can choose whichever

you prefer the most. Repeating rifles will have less pressure and represent a better pick

for those who are new to hunting. Meanwhile, single-shot ones have more pressure and

help shoot accurately when you’re doing it for the first time.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best hunting rifle is not an easy process, and you shouldn’t rush to buy

something simply because you think it looks cool. When hunting, what matters the most

is that you have a rifle that operates properly, and that has the right power and accuracy

to help you take down the animals. There are many considerations to make before you

settle for your rifle model, so make sure to consider all the aspects presented here. It will

help you have an amazing hunting experience.

Jay Chambers

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