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Ben L

I’ve taken firearms training at other facilities but Brian and Charlie are top rate instructors with their knowledge from being on the battlefield, hands on approach in training, advice on where to acquire resources for further training and always willing to guide and train you in the field of firearms with a smile on their faces and a little humor to put everyone at ease.  Hands down one of the best training experiences I’ve had.

Hara;d J. 

As a lifelong hunter and shooter I didn't know what I didn't know!    I took the CCW class with Brian and after the "Basics" and the the Legal aspects of CCW, we spent a lot of time on things I've never thought about;   Drawing from a holster, types of engagement,  movement, distance vs close.     It was really cool.  Whether protecting yourself from a charging bear or a bad guy,  you need to learn this!

Colleen L.

I took the basic handgun course and it far exceeded my expectations.  Charlie, Taylor and Chris are great at what they do and their passion is contagious.  By the end of the day, I was comfortable and confident handling a gun. When I got home, my husband commented that my countenance was totally different.  I cant wait to go back.

Betsy S.

TOTALLY AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!! I have taken four classes from them so far...and have loved each one! I took the Trauma/First Aide class - and it was so eye a RN I have knowledge about wounds-but this class took it to another level with wound care, situational awareness, STOP THE BLEED... it was fantastic! I’ve also taken the basic pistol, carbine and CCW classes...I learned SO MUCH! The instructors ENSURE you KNOW what you’re doing-and That YOU feel comfortable using your firearm SAFELY! Safety is their number one priority and it SHOWS! Thank y’all SO MUCH! Can’t wait to take the next one!!!

Liesl G.

WOW! My daughter and I decided we wanted to be prepared and knowledgeable about handguns and how to use them. Our desire was to be able to defend ourselves if ever necessary. We signed up for the Womens Only Handgun class and were very appreciative of the time and patience that both Charlie and Taelyr took with us. They educated us and showed us how to feel comfortable with the proper way to handle a gun, which was huge as it really was our first exposure to shooting. I was a little hesitant and nervous at first, but they worked with me and settled my apprehension and I left feeling confident and assured of my skills in handling a gun. CFA does a great job and we look forward to continuing training with them. Thank you again to Charlie and Taelyr and we look forward to furthering our skills and shooting there in the future!

Kevin C, 

The CFA trauma care course has great coverage of all of the issues involved in controlling bleeding. For context, I did my military service as a medic (US Navy hospital corpsman, E6). In my civilian life I have spent a considerable amount of time in emergency rooms and intensive care units, and  today I am an instructor at the U. of Colorado School of Medicine. This class covers everything that I learned about the emergency control of bleeding over the course of my training, and also includes coverage of new tools that were not available back in my days in the service.  I was really impressed by the amount of material that was covered quite thoroughly by the very capable instructor, and the practical exercises were a lot of fun.  If you can watch a zombie movie, you can handle the gore that you will see, and you will leave the class with much more confidence in your ability to handle serious hemorrhage than you had when you walked into it!

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